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Why sponsor?

  • Harvard Club UAE gives your company an exclusive exposure to a select group of high-level decision makers in the UAE, in both the public and the private sectors.
  • Harvard Club UAE associates the name of your company with alumni from one of the most prestigious universities in the world.

Types of sponsorship

Long term

  • Sponsoring all events organized for one calendar year
  • Funds are used for the events and for other Harvard Club UAE related general and administrative purposes
  • Limited to a maximum of four (4) corporate sponsors

Event sponsorship

  • Event-based
  • Three tier categories: platinum, gold, and silver
  • Funds are used for the specific event
  • Number of corporate sponsors is decided based on the nature of the event

Please email us your contact details, and we shall contact you within 15 working days to investigate with you the sponsorship plans and other related details.

Join our Supporter Community

Join our community and help us achieve our vision and mission by becoming a Harvard Club of the UAE Supporter.
What does it mean to be a Harvard Club of the UAE Supporter?   

  • Contribute AED 500 (or AED 300 for members five years out of undergrad or fewer)
  •  HC UAE Supporters are entitled to:
    • Two (2) Monthly Lunches free of charge, as well as free admission to the annual HC UAE Suhour (one of our best attended events!)
    • Special privileges (priority access to VIP events, Salons/Majlises, etc.) at other Harvard Club of the UAE events during the year

For more info or to contribute please contact our administrator Aishwarya 

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