History of the Harvard Alumni Association

The Harvard Alumni Association (HAA) maintains and enhances a highly engaged, vibrant community of alumni and friends worldwide.

The HAA was formed on July 1, 1965. With offices on the 6th floor of 124 Mt. Auburn Street in Cambridge, is the official association of all alumni of Harvard University. Regular members include recipients of all degrees granted by the University and Radcliffe College, as well as the members of all University Faculties. Others whose names appear on the alumni records of the University, but who have not received degrees, are associate members. They may attend meetings and take part in activities hosted by the Association but may not vote for Overseers of the University or Directors of the HAA.

The purpose of the HAA as stated in its Constitution is to promote the welfare of Harvard University and to establish a mutually beneficial relationship between Harvard University and its alumni. The HAA helps alumni connect with the University and with fellow graduates through a plethora of activities, continuing education programs, online services, and alumni events around the world.

History of Harvard Club UAE
(Formerly Harvard Alumni Society UAE)

The Harvard Alumni Society of the UAE was established in 2003.